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Founded 2004

Filmmaker Freddy Allen established Fallen Film in 2004 providing a foundation for like-minded artists to express themselves through digital media in a collaborative working environment. From independent films, inspiring commercials to evocative music videos they pride themselves on their quality of work as well as providing a unique product specifically designed for each client.

freddy allen personal bio

17 March 1974


Freddy Allen grew up in Mt Carmel, Pennsylvania and always dreamed of making movie magic. He couldn’t just race Matchbox cars off the stairs. It had to be a massive event that was covered from every angle including slow motion. Even at an early age Freddy saw the world through a filmmaker’s eyes and knew what would make him truly happy.

Freddy’s Father, Frederick C. Allen Sr., showed him the skills needed to turn his mind’s creations to tangible scenes and environments for his action figures. They designed battlefields with battle worn armies leaving no detail untouched. But all too quickly Freddy lost his father to a sudden heart attack. Freddy took the skills of his father and inspiration from Batman, Universal’s Monsters and the creations of Ray Harryhousen and set off on a journey to Hollywood to turn his dream of making movies a reality.

Not sure of how he was going to get there; Freddy enlisted in the United States Air Force. He earned a world of experiences and the funding needed to get an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Digital Imaging and Design Technology from Texas State Technical College. He worked at the local CBS station and quickly promoted to directing live broadcasts, however his thirst for creating movie magic was not satiated.

Upon discovering The Art Institute of Phoenix, Freddy finally felt his goals could be achieved. It was during this time that Freddy met instructor and mentor David Stipes; known for his work on Creepshow, V and Battlestar Galactica. An enamored Freddy felt he was on the right track and soon began writing and directing his first short film A New You (2007). It was this creative burst that caught the eye of another instructor and mentor David Blum. This union lauded Freddy his first IMDb credit for visual effects, Say It in Russian (2007).

While in Phoenix Freddy began to realize his vast creative potential. He established Fallen Film to satisfy his independent artistic needs. Thrumming with creative energy he used his extensive musical background to deliver professional quality music videos on a minimal budget. As a result of his combined talents he became popular with several well-known local bands producing award-winning music videos.

After graduating from the Art Institute with a Bachelors Degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics he took the leap to California. With the assistance of fellow alumni Gabriel Espinosa, he was offered his first job in Los Angeles as a videogame trailer editor. His efforts resulted in trailers for titles like Goosebumps, King of Fighters and the extremely popular Demon's Souls; Visceral Action Trailer. Freddy then began working with Larry Laboe as director and editor of the monthly web series New Filmmakers LA. Larry introduced him to Thomas Bannister and their production company SXM; which evolved into working on projects with Disney, Comedy Central, MTV and Samsung.

While in Los Angeles Freddy has been working as an independent filmmaker and has had the pleasure of working with many talented actors, co-workers and production houses. He worked as an editor for The Product Factory on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2012) and Ultimate Spider-Man (2012). Freddy also established Fallen Film to satisfy his independent artistic needs. Fallen Film has been delighted to provide Data Management Services for the 2013 D.I.C.E. Awards introduction video as well as Data Management Services and Helmet-Cam Fabrication for Armed Response (2013), a brand new, pulse-pounding web-series from “24” writer Matt Michnovetz.

Awards and Honors

From the start Freddy’s talents stood out, he was awarded Best Portfolio in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics at his Art Institute graduation. He had previously earned first place in the Group Category for SIGGRAPH Club in the Animation Challenge and later won first place in the Feature Title Contest for Marquee Pro Production. Freddy’s music videos solidified his place in the business by earning awards for Music Video of the Year L.A./Phoenix Music Awards and a nomination for Music Video of the Year L.A. Music Awards.  The ultimate was landing an Official Ballot nomination for Best Short Form Music Video for the Grammies. Freddy’s deep rooted passion for film making is the drive that keeps him creating; in his mind anything is possible. Or in his own words, “I believe that one person can make a difference but a team can create magic."

Freddy resides in Los Angeles with wife, Jena Allen, and six furry family members (two dogs and four cats). He loves everything Batman, comics, video games, creating music and motorcycles.


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